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COVID-19 Negligence Cases Involving the Federal Government

The Madden Law Group represents federal employees who have been injured because of the Government's negligence in protecting them on the job from COVID-19, including wrongful-death actions. 

We specialize in negligence cases against the Federal Government brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).   FTCA claims must be filed in federal district court against the United States.  FTCA representation requires an attorney with experience in suing the United States because of the exceptions to the waiver of sovereign immunity and because liability is based upon the tort law of the state where the incident occurred.  Jerry Madden was a Senior Trial Counsel at the Department of Justice defending the United States against negligence cases and has handled the leading case on the discretionary-function exception to the waiver of sovereign immunity.  He also has handled FTCA claims in multiple states and therefore has special expertise in the intricacies of state law throughout the United States.   

Please contact us for a free consultation to see if we will represent you on a contingency basis. 

An Inspiration to Serve

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As the second of nine children in an Irish Catholic family, notions of fairness and justice were the subjects of near daily debate during my childhood. With so many siblings, life seemed like rolling team events, as one sport's season slipped into the next. From this beginning and a six-year stin...

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